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Emil TrueheartFather Deceased Mrs. She was an attractive blonde.

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She has worked in her family's delicatessen, served in the U. When Tess was still a young woman, she had her then-boyfriend over for a meal with her and her parents. While doing the dishes, Dick proposed to Tess and were about to tell her parents when two mobsters broke in and shot Emil Trueheart for money that he kept in his safe upstairs.

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Stealing the money, kidnapping Tess and knocking Tracy out, the thugs made their getaway. Trueheart was placed in the hospital from shock pussy comm Tracy told Chief Brandon of the police department what happened.

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Seeing that Tracy had a vested interest in this case, Brandon dick him if he wanted to join the police department as a plainclothes detective, to which Tracy quickly responded "yes". During the flashback story celebrating the strip's 80th anniversary, Tracy was shown to already be a member of the police force who Brandon had been observing as a potential plainclothesman.

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Tess had been kidnapped by the henchmen of tess mob boss Big Boy. Tracy, posing as a gangster was taken into Big Tracy confidence and rescued Tess.