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Meade opening scene of The Secret Circle this week: These two, I admit diana steamy together BUT they better not go falling in love and ruin it all. Nothing kills Lust like the other L word.

Fanfic: Somewhere Only We Know, Faye/Diana, The Secret Circle

Cue school scene. Blah, blah, blah, is anyone listening to her? Dark Magic Barbie has that boy on the brain and it shows. Cassie forgets her book in her car, how convenient… and runs into Adam who not so nonchalantly asks her out on V-day.

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Cassie agrees to go on a date naked time… ugh. Diana, she should know better by now that Lee only brings trouble and putting this voodoo doll under her bed will most likely kill her rather than intensify her powers.

Yada yada yada give naked the medallion and we can spare her. Cassie sees a man in a robe in the basement of the abandoned house, who disappears when she brings Adam down xxxteen goagirlsxxx see the hooded freak. Oh damn, she sees dead people.

Diana Meade Quotes

Diana packs a shit load of stuff for an overnighter, and bumps into Faye who falls on the crazy voodoo doll Lee gave her earlier. Faye is pissed, and storms out of the meade. Awww… Delissa.