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MulderJohn Doggett and Skinner investigate lingering questions dana Scully's pregnancy, reluctantly accepting fatnakedredbones from Alex Krycek when Scully begins to be pursued by Billy Miles ; now an indestructible Supersoldier following his abduction in " Requiem " and return in " DeadAlive ".

While preparing for Scully's baby shower, her mother invites Lizzy Gill to help Scully. Lizzy, who is not who she says she is, replaces one of Scully's medications. Billy Miles verifies that the work that Zeus Genetics begin shower successful, kills Dr Lev and burns amature nasty pussy lab, destroying all evidence, and the "abomination" alien-human hybrid baby. Mulder visits Doggett, informing him of the fire and asks to go along to see the facility.

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Mulder reveals that Dr Lev's partner is Scully's Obstetrician, so they set off to visit him. They find another storage room of fetuses.

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They confront the doctor, who denies everything. Back at Scully's home, she takes the replaced pills. Lizzy leaves and is picked up by Mr Haskell Per Manum.

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They go to Scully's house to scully. Lizzy talks to Haskell on her cell phone, until Billy Miles shows up and decapitates him. Skinner, Doggett, and Mulder find Mr.