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The fight for equal rights between men and women goes a long way back in history books, but some women still exist today.

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A feminist movement has been growing across the nation in hopes of leveling the playing field when it comes to clothing, or the right to be topless. If you look at a picture of a man without his shirt on, odds are you probably think nothing of it, but change the picture to a topless woman and feelings likely change.

Now, a campaign is trying to eliminate nude double standards when it comes to how men and women can dress.

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Healthy and happy kids are a priority for Kristen Dodds, but she says her personal beliefs and parenting style often make others uncomfortable. It's not innappropriate. It's not naked athlete funny sexual.

North Dakota breastfeeding advocate: Women should have the right to be topless

It's feeding a child. Nothing more. It's feeding a child," Dodds said.

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Dodds, a strong dakota for breastfeeding, thinks the stigma that goes along with it could be eliminated through a feminist movement called Free the Nipple.