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Cthulhu sex magazine

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Absalom's Wake Part Two: Cthulhu on the Beach by Nancy A. Biting Dog Publications, Blood on the Beach picks up where Part One: Gone A' Whaling left off.

Cthulhu Cthursday: Cthulhu Sex Magazine

After harvesting the whale from magazine one, Jonah and the remaining magazine of Absalom's Wake returns to their quarters to rest and to mourn the passing of sex mates who were not so lucky in the hunt. After fifteen months at sea, they head for the tropical island paradise of Taiohae Bay for rest cthulhu to repair their ship. The moment they drop anchor, the natives paddle out to greet them and ply their wares.

Repairs go well, and the crew goes to sex local watering hole, Toad Hole, for their reward. Toad Hole is the island's sole tavern, and caters to everyone, including cannibals. After drinking the day and evening away, Jonah and his friends go to sleep on the beach, only to be awakened by the luscious the stripper of the cannibals killing his friend Santo.