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Too bad, because I bet the performance was supposed to be some sort of promotion for her christina Burlesque. I felt sorry for X-Tina the whole time she was up on stage, though.

Nude mature fantasies aguilera looked so tired, which is kind of impossible given that she was recently d-r-o-p-p-e-d from her record label.

What the Fuck Happened to Christina Aguilera?

The more I sat there watching this train wreck and shaking my head, the more I wondered: What the fuck happened to Christina Aguilera? Wherefore art thou, Christina? Back then, when I used to jam to her on my way to class, and when all the gays would freak out to her on the dance floor, X-Tina was making a name for herself fucks a world dominated by Britney Spears. Brit Brit always made good tunes, but I always looked to Christina to be risky.

She had the multi-colored dreadlocks. She had the gay dudes making out in her music video.