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Turning her passion for news and entertainment into an amazing career, Christian Vera has gone from red carpet reporting to curating internet viral videos for the television series RightThisMinute. Christian along with her co-hosts at RightThisMinute spend nearly everyday combing through the millions of videos on YouTube in order to find the ones that are unique, timely, and relevant — and literally from across the globe.

RightThisMinute is not just looking for the cutest animal videos or another adrenaline-pumping car chase, it is interested in videos that show something it has never seen before. As the internet crosses international boundaries, so legs our desire to see what is going on in other countries and if they are having as great a time living their lives as we do.

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In an exclusive interview, Christian Vera shared what makes this adultcock pics job such a christian for her to go to work every day and what RightThisMinute means in the rapidly changing and integrating world of television with the internet and digital media. How long have you been working with RightThisMinute? Four years. Go figure!


How did you first hear about the show? At the time, I thought it was a crazy idea, but because it was a crazy idea I was kind of interested in it.

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It seemed so crazy that it just might work. At first, I met the team on Skype and a few days after that I heard that they liked me and wanted me, and before I knew it, I was on set. Since you work on a Vera show that talks about viral videos, what is your average work day like?

We start taping around 1: