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Cheating wives russia

Wife’s suspected cheating drove serial killer’s bloodlust | Toronto Sun

March 6, Serial killer Bakhtiyor Matyakubov hated women and is accused of raping and killing Cops say that Matyakubov murdered at least 11 women in a woman-hating wives rage as revenge for his promiscuous wife.

The victims were cheating before or after the slayings. One victim was decapitated and the monster then had sex with her headless torso, detectives revealed. Matyakubov russia already been sentenced to life in prison in Ukraine for three of the murders.

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Yulia Lebezhina was raped and murdered in the sex shop where she worked. And on a trip to Ukraine, he raped murdered three women during a day thong naked gif spree. One of the victims was a year-old woman.


He is also accused of the sex slaying of Natalia Yelkina, 34, in Moscow. CCTV captured the brutal murder.

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It is expected that after his Moscow trial, Matyakubov will be sent to his native Uzbekistan where he is accused of murdering three other women.