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Cfake katie morgon

When Shipping a pair of characters, fans often combine the characters' names into a portmanteau word.

Portmanteau Couple Name

They then use this word katie refer to the couple as a unit. CamelCase is optional.

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Although common in Anime fandoms, where the syllable-based nature of the Japanese language means names are modular and can be snapped together with ease, there are still numerous examples of Real Life celebrity couples where this happens. Slash Fic pairings can also adopt this naming convention.

When such pairings are involved, the order of the names sexy slim hips becomes significant, as the name appearing in the first half of the portmanteau is usually morgon dominant member. For less obvious variations, see Idiosyncratic Ship Naming.

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Portmanteau Couple Names may also come in handy if the couple performs a Fusion Cfake and literally becomes a single being. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes.

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