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She was kneeling on the back seat with her head on the seat turned to the side.

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The pleated plaid skirt of her school uniform was draped over her back and her white cotton panties were down to her knees. She was still in the uniform blazer, white shirt and string tie.

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Her blouse was unbuttoned and her bra was unfastened allowing her firm 34 B breasts to dangle freely. Her lover Cliff Watson had just finished lubricating her anus and was busy greasing up his impressive cock.

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He added his saliva to the lotion covered shaft making it very slick. Cliff moved in behind Carrie and she felt the stiff rod brush against her buttocks. Chills ran through her body as she anticipated the anal penetration. The sphincter opened up to receive the cock that had so often visited her ass in the last few anal.

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Cliff was still partially dressed with his trousers veronica zemanova fake underwear down to his knees. His shirt was unbuttoned and pulled carsex the sides. Cliff eased his dick into her causing her to gasp out loud and goose bumps appeared her exposed anal. His carsex slowly wormed its way into her ass and filled her anal cavity.