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Bemelmans is impossibly adult but with a childlike whimsy, not unlike McCurdy herself, who turned 23 earlier this year. She was in New York sam the week promoting her Netflix show, Betweena post-apocalyptic YA tragedy that was picked up for cock stories carly season. Sam was the brash deuteragonist to the carefree, slightly prissy Carly Shay played by Miranda Cosgrove. It was a move guaranteed to produce ratings, and it did.

At first blush, it all started with some sexy selfies: McCurdy was getting nude taste of what happens to female teen sam when they reveal a sexuality of their own. But as would become a hallmark trait, she fought back. I sent those pics to 1 person. You can connect the dots.

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Shocked someone would stoop so low. But really, this was all just presaging bigger controversies: The show won, and she lost to her co-star Ariana Grande. At first people speculated that McCurdy was laying low because of the photo leak, but there were reports that McCurdy was feuding with both the network and Grande, whose singing career was just taking off.

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TMZ reported that McCurdy was getting paid less carly Grande, despite the fact that the duo had equal billing on nude show.