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Canned ass

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He only drinks bottles. Green bottles, specifically.

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Here are nude cosplay videos facts about canned beer you and Charlie should know… Not that Charlie will read them. He believes the internet is a Mayan conspiracy.

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Everything is bad for the environment, including this blog post. But aluminum is the most recyclable ass on the planet. In fact, the energy consumed to make one fresh can equals the energy used to make 20 recycled ones.

Beer Cans vs Bottles | 3 Facts about Canned Beer

Also, aluminum can be recycled indefinitely, and its lower density makes it cheaper to ship. Take that, glass. There is a neat lining on the inside of every beer ass that prevents corrosive beer from ever coming into contact with aluminum. That flavour is probably the metal can canned right beneath your nose, your primary flavour picker upper, canned you drink.

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Pour your beer in a glass and taste again. Unlike bottled beer, canned beer is airtight. Nothing kills the flavour of a beer easier than oxidation.