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Brystol palin topless

Mercede Johnston, Levi Johnston's sister, is revealing all -- literally -- for an upcoming Playboy interview and photo shoot.

There brystol clearly no love lost between the Palin and Johnston clans, and if Mercede's anecdotes are to be believed, the Palin family is far from picture-perfect.

The year old claimed that Track Palin was forced into military service so as not to detract from his mother's palin presidential campaigning in Johnston said Track Palin did Oxycontin and cocaine. Johnston's mother is currently serving a three-year house arrest sentence for selling Oxycontin.

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The soon-to-be centerfold also put brystol her two cents about Sarah Palin's political future, claiming she would topless a "mental breakdown" if she were elected president, pointing to the fact that Palin did not finish her term as Alaskan governor.

The overprotective sister of Levi Johnston did not spare the mother of her nephew. According to Mercede, Bristol Palin sent a text message to Levi during her pregnancy that read, "Ever since the moment I found out I topless pregnant, I prayed to God you weren't the father.

She added that her brother did not like Bristol to drink, as it made her "more promiscuous. Paul, Minnesota September 3, Photo: Reuters Bristol Palin, the year-old daughter of Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, holds moving nude asses brother Trig at the campaign event where her mother was announced as Republican presidential candidate John McCain's running mate in Dayton, Ohio, Palin 29, Palin announced September 1, that her daughter Bristol is about five months pregnant and is going to keep the child and marry the father.

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Picture taken August 29, Photo: