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Broken Sword Game

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Ever been out hunting, get back to town and can't remember what Loot is a turn in and which is for another zone. I share it with you to help those who sword be troubled by the same problem.

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Far as I can tell you get Rep babes in thewood matter which task you turn in, the Xp varies depending on your level. The earlier you start doing these the better.

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LI Scrolls. While we're on the subject of Tokens nud also worth noting that Frithgeir at Nar's Peak in Thror's Coomb has Dailies available which pay in the ever elusive and expensive to exchange Golden Tokens: Which in turn unlocks one more, giving you eight Dailies for 13 total Golden Tokens: Mirkwood - Again, no Broken, Just Repetables. Misty Mountains. These are the Zones I've been to, will add them as I get to them. Hope this help'd ya!!


Thanks for this Rai!