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British hardcore

We had a practice in The Flex basement and it went ok. Callum and Nicky then moved to London to become my housemates and we wanted to give it another shot. By this point Jonah [Falco] had moved to the UK and so we asked japanese buck naked to drum and Nicky switched british bass and that was the final lineup!

UK hardcore

A few months later we recorded a demo and put it out on a flexi 7" in homage to our influences. That was December We just like to play live and take what gigs come to us which can lead to playing to lots of different crowds.

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I think about the relationship between words and meaning a lot, how in a post-modern world the link between them can be loose at best, people take advantage of how we hold words in such high esteem, and yet they can be manipulated to hardcore nothing. This is also why I took the decision hardcore 'sing' in both Polish and English. Being based in the UK, irony is also something that is part of daily british here.

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This kind of humour can be both damaging and addictive, but also hold a valuable mental release from a world that is increasingly complicated and difficult to make sense of. Another big influence for me is Adam Curtis the documentary filmmaker. His films about Western societies since the '80s really blew my mind and there's definitely a few songs directly exploring his ideas about the relationship between psychology, technology, consumerism and the economy.