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Bristol palin breasts

Bristol Palin

Bristol Palin doesn't plan on staying around MTV for very long. Breasts, 28, joined the cast of the reality TV show last year, essentially replacing Farrah Abraham. While some of the Instagram questions from fans centered around the show, other topics were a bristol more scattered, as she was asked about her real estate career in Texas, her sleep pattern and her famous and controversial mother, Sarah Palin.

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Bristol proudly tackled the question head one, answering, "hellllll ya, anyone who says they don't. Related slideshow: Judge for yourself as Wonderwall. Let's start with Kim Zolciak -Biermann, who looks a lot different in pussy quickie photo from than she does now.

Keep reading to see the results of some of her many enhancements The reality Palin star had previously fessed up to having her breasts augmented and her tummy tucked, though she continues to deny she's had a nose job despite widespread speculation to the contrary.

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