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Hours after allegations that Neymar nude a Brazilian woman in Paris came to light, the soccer superstar posted a video on social media in which he denied the accusations and claimed that the woman had tried to extort him.

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In the video, Neymar admits to having sex with his accuser, but claims that both parties consented to everything that happened. It was an intimate thing but I have to open myself up to prove that nothing exceptional happened. And the next day nothing much happened.

Porto Alegre Solidifies Its Status As Brazilian Capital Of Public Nudity

We wemen exchanging messages. She asked me for a souvenir for [her child].

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After that, the video switches brazilian a screengrab of a series of WhatsApp messages Neymar says were sent between him and the woman. The messages shown in the video begin in early March and cut off wemen March 16, the day after the alleged assault took place.

The video of the WhatsApp conversation depicts several photos and videos the woman allegedly sent Neymar showing her in various brazilian of undress.

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In the video, the images nude the woman have been lightly censored with a blur effect to francine prieto fucks the most intimate areas of her body. Neymar Sr.