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Nancy Ajram's Visit to Fulfill Nour's Dream

Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram has expressed extreme anger towards recent circulating rumors in Egypt regarding the spread of nude boobs of her on mobile phones. A large number of youths around Egypt and around the Arab world have been spreading nude photos of the boobs supposedly taken at a women's spa for a full body wax.

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According to the London based daily, Al Quds Al Arabi, Nancy stressed that jealous and sick individuals are behind the poppy m pussy of such demeaning photos and she never thought that people would pic anal ladyboy so low as to attempt to hurt her in such a manner.

Ajram added that her only concern in her life has been her career and she thought that if someone from the entertainment world is jealous of her they would strive to present better music not insult her in such manners.

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Nancy stated that the photos of her at the spa are mere fabrications and she had never been to such a place, stressing that people are misusing technology to hurt the reputation of singers who have worked hard, such as herself, to reach success. The singer added that the 'Bluetooth' feature in mobile phone devices has become a threat to Arab female stars, as they are filmed in private situations without their knowledge, or nude pictures of them are created and disbursed to people at the touch of a button.

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Nancy's business manager Nancy Lamara confirmed that the video of Nancy was fabricated. He stated that this is not the first time the singer was attacked.

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Previously an obscene ajram was created to nancy as if the star was taking a shower. Jiji said that he and Nancy are outraged by the matter, but also see it as "the ridiculous means jealous people resort to just to try and hurt an artist who is successful and loved by millions.

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