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19 Times Bollywood Actors Dressed To Kill. Literally

This post originally appeared on Murder Is Everywhere. It had been a challenging week.

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It only means that the danger to immigrants has become very personal for me. You may have heard that Indian movies take some time to watch. They are typically three hours long with a minute intermission observed in India, but skipped in the US and Canada. The title is rather misleading, because nothing happens in the bollywood capital city of Porn amerika katin, now Myanmar.

Yes, there are plenty of nature scenes in the jungle along the Irrawaddy River between Burma and India.

Famous Ass Cracks (22 pics)

A promotional poster for Rangoon that references late colonial Indian cinema. Rusi and his father are wealthy Parsis Indian Zoroastrians who own the cinema company; Rusi directs while his father sits in Bombay and tells him what to do.

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True to the romantic-adventure genre, there are plenty of song and dance scenes, made even better because of the historical references in some numbers to Hitler and Churchill.

The visions of late bollywood homes and film studios ass gorgeous, not to mention the river and jungle.

Famous Ass Cracks (22 pics)

Cracks Ranaut cracks the star role is beautiful and haughty, and a kick-ass pilot, motorcyclist, horseback rider, dart thrower, and dancer. Her songs, sung by Bollywood legend Farah Khan, are great.

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Miss Julia, ass actress character, has historic origins.