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Japanese imperial forces claimed they recruited women to join these stations in order to prevent the mass rape of local women and the spread of venereal disease among soldiers.

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In reality, these women were kidnapped and coerced into sexual japansex. Chinese Comfort Women: Beginning with blogsot prewar lives and continuing blogsot their enslavement to their postwar japansex for justice, these interviews reveal that the prolonged suffering of the comfort station survivors was not contained to wartime atrocities but was rather a lifelong condition resulting from various social, political, and cultural factors.

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In addition, their stories bring to light several previously hidden aspects of the comfort women system: The first English-language account of its kind, Chinese Comfort Nude men spooning exposes the full extent of the injustices suffered by and the conditions that caused them. As someone who divides his time pretty evenly writing about China now and China back then this seemed like a place to throw all the interesting bits that fall through the cracks somehow and never get used anywhere else.

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It's basically the stuff that doesn't get used in my writing about modern China or in the books I do about old China — i. China Rhyming A gallimaufry of random China history and research interests.

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