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Michele Corriston September 18, bisexual A new study conducted by Northwestern researchers found bisexual men are sexually stimulated by images of both genders.

InNU researchers failed to find evidence that bisexual men were also aroused by females.

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This time around, researchers required participants to have had at least one three-month relationship with one person of each sex, and specifically targeted men who self-identified as bisexual, said Adam Safrona NU researcher and psychology graduate student. The men who described bisexual as bisexual exhibited erectile responses to sexual videos of males and females.

By proving bisexual arousal patterns exist, the study helps validate a lifestyle that has gotten flack from both sides of the sexual orientation spectrum, Garcia said.


Society more readily accepts female sexual fluidity but boxes men into the stricter gender roles of effeminate or masculine, Garcia said. Bisexuality, therefore, can be seen as tamil sexvida transitional phase.

As a teenager, Blanche said she felt attracted to both men and women. She said she completely came out as bisexual six months ago when she began dating her now ex-girlfriend.

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