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Biker bar sex

Wife goes to a biker bar with unintended consequences – Erotic and sexual stories

John and I have been married for 8 years. We have sex open relationship sexually. Well, I talked to him yesterday and he could tell I was getting antsy for something special.

It was his suggestion that I go out to this one particular bar on the outskirts of town. This bar was a notorious biker bar.

The interesting seeking fuck vedio about the bar was that there was a back room which bar a private area, for members only. I guessed that it was for one of the biker clubs. I could biker imagine what went on behind those closed doors, since it was pretty wild as it was, up in the front where we were.

John urged me to go out and see if I could get myself laid. It was kind of dead, there were only a handful of sex milling around, shooting pool or sitting at the bar.

Wife goes to a biker bar with unintended consequences

However, I noticed a larger number, mostly men, that would either go into the private back room, or return from it. It sounded more lively back there as well, I could hear the music vibrating through the walls. Biker men that went to the back were almost certainly bikers, most had on their leathers. Bar few women I saw go to the back were probably biker chicks. The lady bartender noticed me watching the back.