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One simple method is to use a weekly homemade scrub: Apply your favorite balm to your lips and then gently brush with a toothbrush to increase blood-circulation to the area and exfoliate all at the same time. The result: If maliah pron do this at the start of your makeup routine, you can use a nude lip liner to outline the new plump shape and give an appearance of fullness throughout the day even when the plumpness goes down.

Aquaphor is a lip moisturizing protectant that really softens the skin — it even works wonders on dry, cracked lips.


It's so tempting when they're dry through, amiright? But seriously. Your saliva contains acids that break down food, but which also irritate your lips.

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The more you lick them, big dryer they'll get. To get immediate results, opt for ingredients that gif irritate the porn blue movi in plumpers to stimulate bloodflow and swell the lips up slightly, according to Fenton.

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Some of the ingredients that can work are cinnamon, peppermint, menthol, afrikansexymoves, and capsaicin or any ingredient derived from hot peppers. But be prepared to feel a little tingling.