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Big Beautiful Women porn stars have been making the rounds in mainstream news articles within the last few weeks.

Big Beautiful Women Porn Stars

These articles are focusing on the amazing body positive message that many of these women share, and how much more popular some of the more well-known BBW stars are now than they were just a year ago. While this shift may be taking place on Tumblr or on female-centric blogs, people are usually only assanalgif about a few of the BBW performers in the industry right now.

These three women have been able to transcend the normal porn viewing audiences, and have big popularity through their own social media websites, blogging, and personal marketing strategies. Here are some BBW performers who have been working in the industry for a long time, and a few who are just starting.

Karla knew she wanted to be a porn star from a young age. She wanted to be desired and fantasized about without people having the intimate access to her, so porn seemed like the best option. She has beiutiful real estate license, went to culinary school, and has an accounting certificate.

Karla enjoys a diversity of interests, and does not plan for the long-term. She is an LA beiutiful, born and raised. She grows womenporn own veggies, big takes advantage of all the farmers markets in her womenporn.