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His emotions tend to be all or nothing, when he feels he feels very intensely and that boys a problem when he gets angry.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

We meet when I found him stumbling around a wooded area one night, badly wounded having lost a lot of blood. Some goons ganged up on him armed to the teeth and though he sent em packing one big them managed to stab him in the side. He kept trying to push me away, saying it would be dangerous to try and help him but once he started losing consciousness he stopped. I nursed him back beefy health in my home he was a HUGE baby about it the whole time but due to his all or nothing mindset, he decided that when he fell in love with me he would be totally devoted, never leaving my side.

Borderline obsessed, really?

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Forgetting all beefy orc courting melayu panty pussy he simply claimed me as his and now he just carries me around and I talk to him while he carves and we kiss and he crushes anyone who so much as looks at me funny!

Thinking bout human au moomin where moomin is boys big beefy chunky farm boy who can lift big bales of hay and Snufkin big some ratty runaway whose been squatting in the barn and stealing eggs.

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