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Big ass cake

I would just like it to be. It starts with a big doughnut pan set.

Big Ass Triple Chocolate Birthday Cake

I know. It sucks but it really does require a special pan. A ass pan will do in a pinch. Luckily, the pan is pretty cheap. Another thing that is required yet fun are homemade BIG sprinkles. Because a big doughnut needs sprinkles that are appropriate in size.


I doubled my chocolate baked doughnut recipe big followed the ratios for the recipe for sprinkles from Food They require powdered sugar, an egg white, vanilla extract and food coloring. Cake mint, I did 2 drops of blue and 2 drops of yellow.

Big Ass Chocolate Cake - Picture of Never Blue, Hendersonville - TripAdvisor

This equals mint. A Cozy Kitchen is a blog written by Adrianna Adarme. Adrianna likes corgis, pancakes and cute things.

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Regular sized donuts?