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When EastEnders first aired, the first storyline the disgusting porn movies were faced with was Reg Cox's death. Episode aired: Gerry Huxham Director: Matthew Robinson Viewers: The sudden tragedy of baby Hassan 's cot death came as a surprise to both Ali and Sue Osmanas well as the audience since the bereaved parents were a couple whose feuding, fighting ways, had made them appear rather comical.

Jane Hollowood Director: Sue Butterworth Viewers: The mystery surrounding the identity of the father of Michelle 's unborn baby was finally revealed in this classic EastEnders moment as a teenage Michelle waited by the canal for a secret rendezvous with 'Dirty' Den. Tony Holland Director: Julia Smith Viewers: It's no wonder that falling off the wagon butcher a regular occurrence in Angie 's life being married to Den wasn't nude a fairytale life.

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Following the first and long-awaited meeting with his ten-year mistress Jan Hammond and the misery that came along, Angie had had enough of life altogether and hated the fact she loved Den ever so bianca and decided to end it all in an act of suicide.