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They include: Dalle kaitlyns nude a cannibal, staring vacantly into space, her lips, throat and naked torso smeared in the blood of a lover broike taylor naked throat she has ripped apart.

Dalle as a psychopath who has just torn the unborn foetus from the womb of a heavily pregnant woman. Dalle sleeping in a Paris morgue with friends who sever body parts which they peddle to medical students.

And Dalle sitting by the hospital bed of her jealous spouse who has put a bullet in his brain.

Betty blue movie sex scenes blowjob (1986) – Beatrice Dalle

Of these four scenarios, the first nude are from film roles; the others occur in her own accounts of her own extraordinary life. The actress, who celebrated her 50th birthday recently, may have become an object of desire to rival Bardot or Monroe, but her behaviour has, on occasions, been more reminiscent of a female Oliver Reed a remarkable achievement, given that Dalle is not a drinker.

The woman who has been described as "a walking grenade," betty "one-woman Vietnam", "the patron saint of the abyss" and "Joan of Arc: Given that, in this role, she only kills seven guys nightly, straddling the corpses with an urgency more suggestive of lust than remorse, you might say that she is mellowing.

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Dalle is still best known in Britain for her first film, Jean-Jacques Beineix's Betty Bluea blue which appeared to confirm certain British misapprehensions concerning French women, for instance that they instinctively prefer to renovate guttering in the nude.