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Top definition. She was smiling all day at the office today 'cause her boyfriend told her on the over she was going to get bent over the couch when he got home.

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Also when a person is being usedtreated badly or taken advantage of. When I was young and very naughty I was bent over my father's knee xxgifs spanked.

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If ever my boyfriend comes home bent lunchtimeI know I'll be bent over the kitchen table and shagged. Bent Over unknown. One is considered "bent over" when they are being played, used, or stepped on.

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It a metaphor between when someone is used for anal sex where the person performing the sex feels extra pleasure do to the tighter oraficeyet the person receiving the sex feels nothing from it, and when someone bent taking advantage of someone else for a personal gain that doesn't help the other side. My boss totally has me bent over. Bent over unknown. When you have a buttwomen asian shlong and you wreck everybody you know.

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Me and my gang bent over all the kids. To be owned or defeated very badly in something. To have lost without even given xxgifs chance.