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Batman's newest comic has proven how mature it's going to avn all naked in just the first issue, with full-frontal Bruce Wayne nudity. It's an incredible start to Batman The buzz has been building ever since DC Comics announced DC Black Labelan initiative to unite the best writers nude artists - without limits, boundaries, or censorship.

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And with Batman: DamnedDC has definitely delivered. The story is only just beginning, but no matter how good it gets, it's already immortalized as "the comic that revealed Batman's penis.

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Even then, the girls mature content and story stopped at nudity. So when Bruce Wayne strips naked After passing out from multiple stab wounds in a Gotham alley, and waking up in John Constantine's apartment, Bruce faces some strange facts.

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His wounds are gone, Joker was murdered on the same bridge he fell from earlier, and he's hearing voices. All things considered, the grim version of Bruce Wayne Azzarello and Bermejo have chosen for this story - one haunting Wayne Manor, not bothering to change into his 'billionaire' disguise when removing the Batsuit - fits his current state of distress.

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