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Fans, understandably, were confused.

'Killing Joke' Twists Batgirl's Legacy in Batman Sex Scene

Honest to god, I don't batgirlsex a shit about a dusty 30 year old Batman story with serious issues with women. They were common as dirt. Although a sexual or romantic relationship between the two had been teased in some ancillary Batman canon projects specifically in Batman Beyondtheir union is not a mainstay in Gotham stories. Still, director Bruce Timm defended the decision to batgirlsex in a Wayne-Gordon sex scene.

And then she makes some mistakes and then he kind of overreacts to her mistakes and then she overreacts to his overreaction. In the Killing Joke comic, the focus is on three events of monumental importance: The book ends on an intriguing note, signifying tonally that Batman and The Joker have more in common than Batman is often willing to admit.

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No matter how fans feel about the new plot development, it certainly feels ill-timed for the DCU. DC has batgirlsex strides toward giving its batgirlsex female heroes more agency, but having Barbara Gordon fuck her mentor feels like a step backward. Why, one might ask, would DC undercut her independence before she even makes her live-action debut?

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Sunnyleon sex ponnude Batman Share Subscribe. By Emily Gaudette on July 23,