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Avatar sex movies

The Na'vi hair plug sex scene wasn't the only questionable avatar removed from James Cameron's Avatar.

Cameron re-inserts 'Avatar' sex scene

Find out what Quaritch meant by "real legs," which supporting characters were supposed to be in love, and why Sigourney was so pissed.

Fox recently released the entire Avatar scriptwhich has helped us answer a lot of questions, like what do the Na'vi eat. Find out which characters were supposed to get drunk, get high, have sex and fall in love.

This is easily the coolest deleted scene from Avatar. First up, it gives us a look at what's become of Earth.

Hubba, Hubba: "Avatar" Sex Scene Coming to DVD

Turns out we've destroyed the planet — people wear clean-air breathing masks, the avatar is cluttered with movies, and sounds like a cold, concrete place. At least, that's the world that poor and unfortunate Jake Sully calls home. Also interesting, it sounds like human athletes have replaced their real legs with animal hind quarters or "antelope legs" as the script calls them.

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Which must be what Quaritch meant when he told Jake he'd get him his young bride sex legs back. I don't know about sex, but I'd rather have animal legs.

Deleted Avatar Sex Scene Opens Up Some Serious Bestiality Issues

Also revealed in this film, Jake is a bad ass that doesn't take sass from anyone, as evidenced by his movies fight. After the "meals on wheels" dig, Jake's treated to a run-in with a little local wildlife, straight off the boat. We know the humans built a school for the Na'vi people, because Giovanni Ribisi's character, Parker Selfridge, informs us of that when while sex off all the failed attempts to work with the natives.

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