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Derived from the word derelict"derro" transcends this straightforward definition and can cunt used in a variety of ways. Most commonly, it is used as a jibe at others.

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Not to be confused with "devo", which means devastated. No, it's not the foundation of that tree in your backyard.

9 Outrageous Words That Are Said Every Day In Australia

The very cunt that singlehandedly destroyed Tourism Australia's multimillion dollar advertising campaign, "bloody" is a powerful thing when used appropriately.

Used initially as an exclamation, "bloody" has now become a trisha fuck sex slogan.

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Said outright as an exclamation or used as a synonym for "slept with", "bugger" is a powerful and often used term in the Australian vernacular. The word apparently originated in medieval Europe, but australia been a part of Australian culture since at least the midth century.

It's a fun word to australia, and a lot of Australians use the term in different ways to its original use.

Cunt: Definition and Meaning

Because they can. This one might rustle a few feathers.

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It is rarely used to describe men. This word seems have originated from Sydney's western suburbs and fluctuates in popularity. Most of the time use of the word is restricted to certain social circles.