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Zaresh Ernest. June 3, How many times have we unconsciously changed our television channel to a morning show and soon regretted it? There are a lot of instances when morning shows have made us cringe.

Does Nida Yasir fall into the category of a typical desi aunty?

The unnecessary hype, the shrieking anchors, unnecessary applause and promotion of useless things! There are a few things that might be beneficial for the watchers, but most of it is just a big fat nuisance. Nida Yasir is a popular name in Pakistan for morning shows.

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Just like a very typical desi aunty, Nida Yasir is seen making comments about weight, appearance and complexion. Instead of accepting ourselves for how God has created us, the show pear-pressurizes women into matching up auntynudes catch pace.

20 signs you are definitely turning into a Desi aunty

They are encouraged to follow the commercial standards of beauty. Instead of educating the country against such unintelligent views, unshavenedpussies host of auntynudes show is seen promoting the same.

Totkas on how to improve your complexion, how to auntynudes your mother-in-law and how to be as fair as the moon are common topics on the show. Faryal Mehmood, a model and actress who recently dropped a lot of weight was invited to the show.