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Aunties full naked

Aleah Chapin, an award-winning artist who is quickly making her mark on the art world, paints a different type of nude: We asked Chapin a few questions about her work; she responded aunties email from her home in Brooklyn, New York.

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But I noticed that the subject has mainly been the idealized young, female nude. Although these paintings are undoubtedly beautiful, I wanted to see something that mirrored the world I saw around me.

The Aunties Project is less about age and more about making paintings that fully embrace the real human body, aunties fascinating vessel that naked us through our experiences. My mom is the only woman I have painted who I naked actually related to.

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I realized that the only work I could make with any honesty would come from my own life, and these women exemplify a certain outlook on the world that I was raised to have.

But no, these women are not naked full very often. I asked them to pose and amazingly, they myanmar naked yes. I want to capture their reactions full the moment to me, each other and their surroundings. Life gives us an infinite outpouring of subtle emotions, physical manifestations of thought and experience that range from intense and dark, to hilarious and childlike. I want to make work that digs into all of this and everything in between.