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Very scary message actually Atlantisxxx will have to find out fack scoolsex to migrate the lvm volumes manually now I think I know what the cause is here - was this mercury system re-imported in Cloudmin? Cloudmin incorrectly doesn't know that those LVs are logical volumes which supernudeteens be copied, as opposed to being regular devices that were attached to the VM.

Moving KVM machine with LVM disks fails

A fix for this issue which only happens to re-imported KVM systems will be included in the next release. I tried atlantisxxx from the original cloudmin install, but that fails too. I would be atlantisxxx interested in your fix, as my old server is going atlantisxxx be shut down in a few hours and i am so far failing to manually copy over the lvm volumes However, in the case of the system that failed, great granny nudes should first do a "manual" move to tell Cloudmin that it is back on the original system.

The command for this is:. This will not actually move anything, but instead make Cloudmin think that the host system is still discovery, which is really the case as it still has the disk images.

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Thank you for your quick support. I already had those two lines in the config file.

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However, my second try of manually copying over the LVM volumes appears to have worked and the machine is up and running. So no urgent needs for now: