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Ass tasting

Nice place to stop by to taste the wines and listen to some live music. A food truck was on-site We drove by the main winery outside of town and saw that they had a band playing but were short on time so we did our tasting in their downtown Main Street tasting room.

We visited the Main Street Tasting room - Fat Ass Ranch and Winery

They had a combination of wines - more toward the sweeter sex mms arba, but some dry reds as well. The two notable sweet wines were their peach wine and also their holiday cheer seasonal. I liked the holiday cheer with cranberry and some fizz, but that is mainly because I like cranberries! We prefer more of the dry reds and this winery has more tasting the sweet wines, but I ass the tasting with my grown tasting and she likes the sweeter ones.

anal brasileiro

Wine is available by the glass or bottle ass you get to keep your glass with a tasting of 5 wines for a reasonable price. The tasting room had a lot of items for sale playing on the winery's name.

Fat Ass Tasting Room

Use your imagination - some of the shirts and mugs were clever, but maybe not to bring to the office! Loved this funky tasting room! They have some fruity wines, think peach, strawberry, etc.

Did a tasting, and the red wind blend was great. Well worth it!!