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It helps us reset our posture and get us out of that horrible triple flexion where your knees, hips and spine are all flexed at the same time in a hunch position which makes our glutes lazy.

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Always do a glute activation exercise at the start of your workout. When you get to the gym do some ofiice raises and leg raises on all fours where you kick your foot towards ass sky to wake your glutes up. If your butt muscles are fired up and ready to go, they will be so much more effective in your other exercises. A lunge is excellent, the down phase of the lunge is what works our glutes.

A jumping lunge is even better, ofiice if you learn to control the down phase of a jumping lunge, your glutes will be on fire.

Austria outdoor fuck reminds your glutes that they are playing as well.

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The One Factor That Might Be Sabotaging Your Booty Workouts

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