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Karaoke is a specific form of subtitle used in many modern fansubs. It is used ass the opening and ending songs of television series and derives its name from the popular activity fansubwhere groups of people sing along to instrumental tracks of popular songs, usually in public.

Karaoke (fansub)

Karaoke subtitles are intended to allow viewers, regardless of their level of ass in the original language, to sing along to the OPs and EDs of shows as they watch. This was a popular pastime in anime clubsbut was made difficult by the presence of only translated lyrics on fansubs.

Many fansubbers, even in the video tape era, offered either romanization or original language lyrics on screen fansub this purpose.

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This practice continued into the digital subbing era, but was augmented by lopsided women effects that would visually mark each syllable and cue the singers. Many anime fansubs now offer three sets of text on songs: For example, the Strawberry Panic release by Froth-Bite had strawberries fall from each syllable as it was sung, while Shinsen-Subs ' version of RomeoxJuliet had each syllable disappear into a scattering of white petals that matched the series' flower symbol.

Typically, OPs receive more attention and complex effects than EDs. Karaoke effects require both programming and artistic skills.