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Ass and hoes

Beotch Talk about these hoes Big I got a bitch that suck my dick 'til I nut Spit it on my gut and slurp that shit back up Ain't that a slut she hot fuck suck take it in the butt Fuck for 'bout a hour, now she want a golden shower You didn't hoes that we be pissin' on hoes, bitch Luke and Biggie straight shittin' on hoes, bitch Lick your toes, bitch?

Fake Ass Hoes

The whole clique, dick sucked, ass licked Leave your number by the phone, bring yo' ass on home I roam in Lexuses and Benzes, the fly way With the flyest bitch gettin' head on the highway My way deep throat on Luke's boat When the moon rises, I'm cumin' ass her eyeses Just the way players play Leave it up to me, I get fucked all day Sucked all day, smokin' blunts, countin' cheese Fucking bitches til they assholes bleed, what you say, baby?

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The Notorious B.I.G.:Big Booty Hoes Lyrics

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