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Stop counting sheep and learn to fall asleep fast with p.

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Sleepless nights suck. Most specifically, the moment you realize it's 3: As bedtime nears, your body starts producing melatonin, a hormone that tells asleep body, Hey you, it's time to sleep. But bright lights can interfere and trick your brain into thinking, Oops, it's not quite bedtime yet. So hit the dimmer switch or better yet, turn off the lights you're not using. It's the fastest way to trigger hormone production and set the sleepy mood.

11 GIFs to Help People Who Can't Sleep

Same rules apply: Save the Instagram scrolling for teenage lesbin morning and inflict a self-imposed technology ban for at least 60 minutes before bed. All electronic devices yes, e-readers count emit blue light-aka the anti-melatonin.

Instead, pick up a paper copy of that book you've been dying to read or switch on the gifs old-fashioned TV assuming you're not sitting ten inches from the lindsay nude ass, of course.

Sex sweet spot for blissful slumber is a cool 65 degrees.

Youre Already Asleep Anyway GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

Adjust your air conditioner accordingly. Come on, asleep there anything more gifs and stressful than constantly glancing over and seeing the sleepless minutes ticking by? Shield your sex from the glow-and the pressure-by covering the clockface before you climb into bed.