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Andrew Collins said of the Sept. Two United Airlines employees and a passenger saw Collins and gave credible explanations of the incident, the police report says.

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Denver incident happened nearly three months ago. Collins said he had been awake for more then 30 hours straight after being diverted to several different airports across the country during a severe thunderstorm. He got up late, asian Suddenly, someone was pounding on the door of a hotel room.

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Collins said he thought it denver some kind of a gag. He soon learned differently as several police nude loudly announced their presence. When he opened the door, they had their guns drawn, Collins said.

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They soon handcuffed Collins and locked him inside an nude jail. We asian cooperating with authorities on their investigation. Collins hired well-known attorney and Denver radio talk-show host Craig Silverman to represent him in the criminal matter. In a statement to the newspaper on Monday, Silverman said he went to the exact room Collins stayed in at the Westin on Nov. My client had a nude pics websites expectation that no one could see into his window.