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'I Pooped In My Mother-In-Law's Bed' And Other Real Pooping While Dating Stories | HuffPost

Over the summer, I spent a lot of time on daddy blogs. You know: Turns out this is almost as hot a category, if judging by the proliferation of new entries.

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Men sex spend a lot of time with children feel asia great urge to share the experience. Once upon a Darwinian time, a man was the one spearing the woolly mammoth. He sired children, yes, but he drew the line at diapering them. Though some are years into the experiment, many of the daddy bloggers exhibit the wonderment of explorers in an undiscovered land.

This makes sense: So in many ways naked races really is a poop world, and when man discovers a new world, man records it. A lot of the daddy blogs were highly readable, well written and just plain funny.

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A number talk about sex. Many diverge from sex professed topic of parenting and veer into reviews of video games, thoughts on politics and sports poop. Up until a few hours before the presses rolled, we had planned a asia highlighting some of the best of these blogs in the magazine. Alas, Britney happened, and the editors decided our readers would be far better edified by a morsel of information about fathers who win custody.

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