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Ashley jane moaning

Fifty years ago, the sound of a woman having an orgasm was a No 1 hit.

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I t was the year a female orgasm made it to the top moaning the charts. It still is, uniquely for such a pop hit, an erotic sound-collage of two people having sex.

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Yes, the words: Their recording, made in a vocal booth with very steamed-up windows, caused a scandal that led to her then-husband demanding its suppression it was eventually released in The jane was banned by the BBC, the Vatican, and in other countries, and became a huge hit in the UK where the words just seemed to add to its sexy mystery. Picasso is a genius, me too.

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Picasso is a communist, me neither. And the coming and going between her kidneys? What does this mean?

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And he was right in that because Bardot left him, I left him. I ask if she and Bardot ever spoke about the song, and she says she never specifically but tells a hilarious story.

It has had its own offspring — more than just the covers and the spoofs. Free games adult have not been so coy. Under extremely suggestive groans the crossover dance track, which mostly never changes key, slows and slows, and then gradually gains pace as it climaxes.