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Ascii pron

Ascii Pron Remix Art is a reformatted version of the first pornographic art published and shared on ascii internet.

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I have been making glitch art and working with pron pornography for some years and I have glitched a huge amount of pornographic pictures, videos and GIFs, pron the material from various online sources and discovering the way porn is produced and shared on the World Wide Web. I take these projects from the World Wide Web and bring them AFK on street and public toilet walls using stickers with QR-codes that link to the projects online, creating access points to these dirty new media projects online.

After all, it is the distribution and publishing that altered pornography everywhere.

I need some ascii art porn :: ASCII - ART

I got the most interesting results from the text tool in Photoshop CS6 that suited as the best choice to keep the ASCII art as an altered edit but with a recognizable form. I kept focusing my research and creation on online pornography production. The original works here were copied from the sources mentioned above Textfiles and Asciipr0n and then pasted using the text tool in Photoshop.


I selected among many fonts Figure 1 what I felt was the best pron and kept the text highlighted to give the text a shadow touch. The final outcomes were then cropped and saved ascii.

Ascii Pron Remix Art

When I was working with online pornography I understood that porn is accessible basically everywhere and it is also so easy to do so. Working with the images, I realized that the quality of images, thanks to constant improvements of screen and internet technologies, was reaching levels of high definition that ascii unimaginable some teen pussy waxing ago.

Back then even poor quality pictures took long to upload. The online pornography today is probably not the best known to mankind but it surely has the best image quality ever.

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