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ASCII Porn Predates the Internet But It’s Still Everywhere

And where there are people making anything, there will be people making hornier, more erotic versions of that thing—like drawing a pair of breasts and a giant dick using only the characters available on gif keyboard. Beginning in the 70s and 80s, with the invention of technologies like the dot matrix printer and forums such as Usenet, people started stringing ASCII characters together to look like images, some lustier than others. ASCII porn is credited as being the first form of pornography sent across the internet.

And even before image lovely libra tits were transmitted over the internet, ASCII art was a relatively simple way to make and share all kinds of kinky shit.

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I have to admit, when I first began this dive into the world of ASCII porn sometimes styles as pr0n, for the console cowboys in cyberspaceI seriously underappreciated the depth and breadth of the art form. As I would imagine most people sexischeide a cursory sense of internet culture might, my knowledge of ASCII porn started with.

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But, of course, there does. In typewriter art sex, after the advent and popularization of teletype printers in the early 20th century, we had a whole new way to get creative with creating and sharing ascii art across distances.

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Teletext was a late 70s pre-internet technology for sending text and graphics to a television set, that never quite took off in the way people thought it would at the time.

But porn looked damn good on it.

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Jellica has one of those nostalgic stories. He told me in a Twitter message that his first exposure to text porn was before the internet as we know it existed.

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