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The animated documentary is a genre of film which combines animation and documentary.

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This genre should not be confused with documentaries about movie and TV animation history that feature excerpts. The award is somewhat considered a mistake, but the fact that it was not only indicated into that category, but also won, shows that, somehow, the animated images spoke to the judges almost like a documentary.

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Of Stars and Mena animated feature by John Hubley which tells of humankind's quest to find its place in the universe, won an award in the documentary category at the San Francisco Film Festival. Mosaic Films promoted the use of animated documentaries in the United Kingdom in with the sex series Animated Minds.

Commissioned by Channel 4 and directed by Andy Glynneit uses real testimony from survivors of mental illness, combined with engaging visuals, to climb inside the minds of the mentally distressed.

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The International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam animationfilms a programme sex fuck khmer "documentaries that partly or completely consist of animation". Going Equipped directed by Peter Lord as an example. Sex is a contrast from films and series such as Aardman's Creature Comfortswhich recontextualise animationfilms audio recordings by combining them with more fanciful, non-realistic animated interpretations.

Fierlinger's animated feature-length autobiography Drawn from Memoryin which he is the main subject as well as the director, voice actor and only animator [7]was also called a documentary by Driessen.