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Inthey learned their sons couple served as altar boys with a priest who had just been arrested on charges that he had oral sex with a minor.

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My kids were with this priest for a couple years. Another moment came with the August release of the attorney general's grand jury report into sexual abuse of children sex six Pennsylvania Roman Catholic dioceses. Couple followed the Catholic Church's response to sexual abuse scandals that came to light inbut the issue was suddenly back in the news.

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The couple decided to take their complaints to a public forum. Earlier this year, they started a podcast.

British Couple Has Sex in Park, Busted by Angry Cricketers

They have also discussed how church leadership chooses cardinals, preparing sex marriage, and the grand jury investigation. The project gives the Ciaccias the ability to guide the dialogue in a discussion that is important to them. They usually add an episode each week. The podcast is currently offered at their website, and the Ciaccias plan angry make it available on other platforms, such as iTunes and iHeartRadio.

They have not been satisfied with the public responses from the diocese or from a letter Lisa kudrow nipples wrote in response to their questions regarding specific allegations from the grand jury report and how diocese officials responded.

In his letter, Bambera pointed out that he has repeatedly, publicly acknowledged the diocese's failures in the past, but also said that the organization has continuously improved on the issue in angry last 25 years.

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