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Chittoor is a city and district headquarters in Chittoor district of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh

It is also the mandal and divisional headquarters of Chittoor mandal and Chittoor revenue divisionrespectively. After the Indian independence inChittoor became a part of the erstwhile Madras state. The modern Chittoor District was formerly North Arcot District, which was established by the British in the 19th century had Nude as its headquarters[citation andhra. The district abounds in several pre-historic sites.

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The surface finds discovered are assigned to special stages in the progress of civilization. Paleolithic tools were discovered at Tirupathi, Sitarampeta, Ellampalle, Mekalavandlapalle, Piler, etc.

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Mesolithic photos were discovered at Chinthaparthi, Moratavandlapalle, Aruvandlapalle, Tirupathi etc. Remains of Neolithic and ancient tools were unearthed near Bangarupalem. The existence of megalithic culture was revealed by the discovery of burials at Irulabanda, Bapanatham, Valimikipuram VayalpaduSodum, Velkuru, Nyakaneri, Basinikonda, etc.


The political mythbusters kari nude of the district commences with the Mauryas in the 4th century BC. The district of Chittoor was not a homogeneous administrative unit up to Chittoor city lies on the banks of Neeva River at the southernmost part of Andhra Pradesh state.

In respect of area it takes the eighth place with an area of 15, Square Kilometers which accounts for 5.