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Financial Ratios | Top 28 Financial Ratios (Analysis, Formulas, Type)

Business owners tend to dislike the financial financial of their firm. Who can blame them!? But, there is one thing about learning about the financial management of your business firm. It is absolutely necessary.

Financial Ratio Analysis

So, you gotta suck it ratios and learn it. This tutorial is going to teach you to do a cursory financial ratio analysis of bootypussyphoto company with only 13 ratios.


Yes, with only 13 financial ratios, you can get a pretty good idea analysis where your company stands. In this tutorial, I'll use past financial statements and do a time-series analysis.

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Maybe in another tutorial, I'll show you how to do a cross-sectional with industry financial ratio analysis. Here is the balance sheet we are going to use for our financial ratio tutorial. You will notice there are two years of data for this company so we can do a time-series or trend analysis and see how the firm is doing across time. Here is the complete income statement for the firm for which we are doing financial ratio analysis.